What is ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is an activity carried out by a professional called ghostwriter, is ghost writer / shadow, which consists in the drafting and realization of texts of different types, from the simple greeting card to a novel, which will be officially attributed to the client , who can thus claim absolute paternity.

The task of a ghostwriter is therefore to realize the ideas and requests of the client, writing various types of text, which can go to the drafting of speeches and radio spots to the realization of scripts for comics and films. His job is to give shape to the ideas and stories you have to tell.

Striking examples of services carried out by a ghostwriter are the biographies of footballers, prominent political figures or movie stars, who often do not have the time or the skills to write a book and therefore rely on those responsible.

When we talk about ghostwriting, however, we mean several things. A professional who works in this field can also be hired to rearrange and correct proofs, improving readability, increasing their length and perfecting their shape, style and texture; can be hired to edit a manuscript before publication; can create a novel or a scientific article from an idea; can write fairy tales for children and ebooks for companies that want to advertise.

Why apply for a ghostwriting service?

If you suffered from appendicitis would you try to treat yourself or would you rely on a doctor? If your bathroom had a big leak would you try to knock down the wall and fix it or would you call a plumber? The question is simple: to write you need an expert who is able to do it. There is nothing wrong with this: if you have something important to say, a message that you want to convey or a story to tell, why not give it shape thanks to someone of expert who is able to do it and, above all, to enhance the your idea?

Ghostwriter rates: costs and services

As you can imagine, the writing of a single tariff is impossible, since each request is processed in a personalized manner and the factors that fall within the various services are really too many to define a standard price.