Who it is, what it does and how to become it

Who is the Ghostwriter?

You are a fantastic writer, at university you were the mind behind every group project, you have talent, you have the courage to be lions when you write but in reality you are shy and prefer not to be in the center of attention. If this is you you must absolutely become a ghostwriter.

What exactly do ghostwriters do?

In short, the ghosts of writing are sought after and paid figures to write for someone else. Ghosts write blog posts, books, essays, memoirs, working for successful people but sometimes so busy that they can’t do everything. For example, more and more CEOs or entrepreneurs are turning to ghostwriters to write biographies or columns, because they don’t have the time or the ability to do it.

But what style should I use to write?

Real writer question! Let’s say you will be writers, researchers, agents and publishers at the same time. You will have to know the person well where you are going to write, you have to convince everyone that the words you are reading are from your client, respect his style, his character and his line of thought. During the initial interview you will have to be able to get to know who you are in front of, discover his sensibilities and let him tell you his story, you will have to be connected to be successful.

What skills should a ghostwriter have?

You must be a fast, flexible and engaging writer. You have to know how to produce excellent content in a short time, have “the pen easy” as they say.

Also the ability to collaborate is important, a novelist works alone, you will have to be in constant contact with the client. We also need to be able to identify with each other, have the ability to sense the right tone, to tell the thoughts that will flow quickly from the speeches of your client. Empathy allows “ghosts” to live through the lives of others.

How can I make a career if I have to hide?

Let’s start by saying that a solid knowledge of the publishing industry is important. You should establish connections with agents, publishers, authors and the “phantom companies” that are appearing on the market. Yes, there are real agencies that deal with protecting and promoting those who work as ghostwriters, leading you to achieve success, which is not necessarily linked to anonymity.

A ghostwriter can also become famous, the secret is not your identity but that of the person for whom you write, it is the client who must be secret.

What degree of education is required?

Getting a degree in literature or journalism could be useful, but the real winning card will be your portfolio. To gain some experience it is best to start by writing on some blogs on behalf of the page manager, take advantage of the word-of-mouth method and the knowledge of the person for whom you are working. There are also special writing courses for those who want to become a ghostwriter, if you are the new super hero of publishing, start looking around!